Sunday, February 2, 2014

Times Tables Party!!! More Rocks, Germany, Austria, and a Cruise

Maxwell had his birthday. But more importantly to the Homeschool World, he passed off all his times tables. The reward that I had promised for this was to go to the water slides (the only ones in like a 3 hour radius.) This was perfect timing (haha--timing--nevermind.) and the waterslides doubled as a birthday party.

I have to admit that I'm rather proud of the way Maxwell passed off his 12s. He was able to pass the 12s off easily when they were in order, but when they were out of order, it was a bit harder. He got how you times with the 2 and then with the 1, but it was hard for him, not as fast and automatic as timetables are supposed to be.

So, I took the TimesTales  strategies, and I made KILLER stories that made it super duper easy for Maxwell to memorize his 12s.  Behold:

Oh yah, I'm THAT kind of homeschool mom. Woot woot!

Enough of tooting my own horn; on to science. We learned more about rocks. We learned about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. We also learned about crystals and fossil fuels (this might seem like a lot, but whatever. I didn't have a ton of experiments, okay?)

When learning about crystals, we had our own homemade geodes with copper sulfate and eggshells.

For geography, we learned about germany. We made German stars. Well, Maxwell and I made German stars. That was CRAZY hard. Not something for your first origami try.

We also did scherenschnitte. Pretty much fancy snowflakes. A little too hard for my whole crew again.

We also learned about Austria. We watched Sound of Music as our activity. Yep. Easy peasy.

And for my records, I have totally loved the Disney Small World Library. I want this series! So perfect for little schoolers to learn about different countries.

But all of this was just one week. What happened to last week you ask? CRUISE!

Yep. Dustin and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary by taking a cruise.

However, I really don't think I'll ever take a cruise again. Seasick. Blah.

Now I'm over seasickness, but I have a nasty cold. Not sure how much we are doing next week.

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