Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I can't think of Columbus without thinking of Jo from Little Women exclaiming "CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS!"  Maxwell has loved learning about Columbus.  He thinks the Santa Maria is the coolest ship ever because he has a cousin he loves named Maria.  For those of you who do not know, Columbus day in the states is Thanksgiving in Canada, and even though we are in Idaho, we had a full out Thanksgiving, and that was our activity for monday.

Tues we made boats out of Styrofoam.  I left the boys alone for a minute and of course came back to a mess. Styrofoam is a nightmare to clean especially when wet!

For science we talked about centripetal force and I was dizzy for an hour afterward.  We spun cups full of water, tried to play "crack the whip," spun pennies in balloons, spun the boys until they were flying, and spun multi colored jello with marbles in them.  That was supposed to be the climax.  The marbles were supposed to drop down from the inertia, while the jello and cup were held with centripetal force, but the jello was too thick, and it didn't budge no matter how long we spinned. Oh well...the jello looked cool and once we fished out the marbles it tasted good too.

For our field trip we went to Utah!  Yah, kind of last moment, but I'm so glad I went. A couple of my dearest friends were getting together, and I decided not to miss it.  So for Maxwell's activity we went with my sister's family to Bridal veil falls.  It was a perfect fall day for a leaf fight. But of course, i FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! URG!!! so these are my junky phone photos.

Then on Monday we went to the children's museum in Salt Lake...Does that count as this week's field trip?.....

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