Saturday, October 2, 2010

Native American Music Week

Well, another week, and I'm still on track....and when it's 3 in the afternoon, and we haven't done a part of our routine, Maxwell begs me to get my act together.

This week we made musical instruments the Natives use, namely a drum and tambourine rattle.  Both of them looked pretty cool but were not that musically effective...that's the joy of having little kids...they don't care!  :)

Our science day was really fun.  We talked about friction.  And what can teach you about the loss of friction better then shaving cream on freezer paper!!!  Definitely a winner...and of course blanket rides around the room teach about friction too....and man I got my workout for the day.
Our field trip was the zoo.  The tauphaus zoo is really impressive for a small city that's cold for 9 months of the year. They have lions tigers and bears....oh my did we get to see a lot.  It was fun since Daddy came too (even if he did want me to be his business sounding board the entire time.)  A highlight of our visit was a little wallaby that got on the path right in front of us!....I'm not sure if that was supposed to happen!

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  1. yeah!! You are the best! I love the pictures. keep up the great work.