Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pink ovens and Tea parties

No, I'm not wanting my boys to be girly, I promise.  But this week we learned about the Boston Tea Party, so I bought a little tea party set, and we acted everything out.  We were Red Coats sometimes talking about how to take advantage of the ungrateful Patriots, and we were Patriots sometimes, complaining about not having our freedom and throwing out our tea.  Maxwell had us include prisons, tar and feathering, and battles, so be assured it wasn't your girly tea party.
For science this week, we talked about energy; stored energy vs released energy and transfer of energy.  We talked about how a balloon is stored sound energy and popped them (I use balloons a lot, don't I) we talked about how we can be storing energy or releasing it, and a few other things.  The Four Year Plan where I get most of my ideas (link on the side of this site) suggested using an Easy Bake Oven to talk about energy.  I went to the thrift store and actually found one!  I burnt the brownies, and I don't know if the kids got anything out of it, but Maxwell sure thinks that pink oven is pretty cool.

We went to the coolest science center this week in Boise.  It had tons of cool experiments.  It had robots that you could control, skeletons that you could control, weather that you could control, and tons of other  interactive exhibits.  We spent hours there and didn't explore everything.  It's called the Discovery center and it's by the university. I Highly Recommend it.

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