Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yankee Doodle Learns his math

I know it's only Tuesday, but this is the end of my school week, because I am going on vacation for the next two weeks!  We learned about Yankee Doodle this week and the song and the historical story behind the song, and made three cornered hats and hummed the tune on kazoos.  Maxwell informed me that this was the best activity we had ever done.  Hyrum loved it too.

For science we learned about simple machines...ie ramps, levers, and pulleys.  They loved the pulley thing so much, they've been playing with them ever since.

What I'm excited to announce is that Maxwell finished his first Math workbook.  He has now done 160 pages of Math!!!  Time for a little diversity...I bought him an abacus...we'll see how that goes.

Well...I'm off....see you in a couple of weeks! :) :) :)

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