Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back in the groove of things

Our vacation lasted a little longer then planned, but we are back and Maxwell is asking "when are we going to begin our day?" When I want to start our schedule in the morning...since I don't always do it right after breakfast....I say "It's time to begin our day" so in other words, Maxwell was really asking "when are you going to start school?"

This week we talked about George Washington and how he started our government.  Don't I have the cutest Washington wigged boys ever?

We learned how they needed to make a lot of new laws for the new country, so we decided to make our own laws.  These are Maxwell's laws:

-You can't steal (after Maxwell said this I said..."this is for fun you can make up silly fun laws if you want"....these are the laws he then made....)
-You have to jump in the ocean
-You have to give presents that are yours to somebody else
-boys and girls both have to wear dresses when they are small but dads can't wear dresses (I think this one originated when we talked about what the colonists wore, and I told him that little babies all wore dresses...)
-You must clean the kitchen every day
-There must be lights on the outside of the house every night so the thieves don't come in that are on the bad team
-you shouldn't take apart things that are not yours
-you have to brush your teeth with your finger every night
-you must love people
-if there are poor people you must give them money

This month we are talking about service in our devotionals and we all washed each other's feet like Jesus did.  It was cute.

Well, we are not completely in the swing of things again, but we are on our way.  And we weren't completely brain dead for our vacation either.  We went to a few science museums and zoos.  Nothing like hands on learning.  Right?

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