Sunday, December 19, 2010

The US Government

This week we made pomander balls, Even Daniel liked making them and it was very cute how Maxwell made the orange into a little man with faces and hair of spices.  

We also talked about the government and  made government mobiles with the white house, congress, and supreme court.

For our field trip, Dustin (daddy) became a US citizen!  Could there be a better field trip for learning about the US?

We are overly busy, and I think that this post will be it until after the holidays, so...


  1. We made pomander balls but they all went moldy! Did you have better luck with yours?

    Congrats to Dustin!!!

  2. Well, we didn't have too much time to find out since we moved a week later. The pomander balls didn't make the cut into my packing. But until thrown out, they smelled great.