Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scriptures and Shadows

This week we got ready for Valentine's Day by decorating and making valentines.  At the end of our main day of Valentine crafts, I asked Maxwell what he learned that day so he could write in his journal.  He said "I didn't learn anything today."  Oops…I swear we did math and reading that day!

We also studied Daniel Boon.  I have to admit, although I knew he was a famous frontiersman, I didn't remember anything about him.  It was good to refresh.  We made candles to solidify the lesson.

For science we continued to learn about light, and I was back in my groove, and we had fun.  We learned about shadows and reflections. We made shadow puppets, acted out a lunar and solar eclipse,  reflected light off a few mirrors, and made a periscope.

My husband and I went on the field trip (we celebrated our anniversary) but an adventure of Grandma and Grandpa baby-sitting/spoiling was better then a field trip for the boys anyway.

Maxwell is getting better and better at memorizing scripture during devotionals.  Here's two cute examples of recent scriptures:

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  1. Dear Lindy, You are such a great Mom, no surprise! I remember our talks in our home in VA during your mission and it was obvious that you were deeply commited to the gospel and wanted everything to go just right. It was also obvious that you were looking forward to being a mother and teaching your kids. To us it seems like the time has gone by very quickly and you are living your dream! Keep up the superb work -- Dallas Lauchner