Sunday, February 27, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is the king of the wild frontier

This week we learned about Johnny Appleseed.  What an inspirational man!  Good wholesome fun.  We juiced apples to make home-made cider and made apple stamps, but I forgot to get them to put pots on their heads!  For shame.

We also studied Davy Crockett.  I hadn't realized how political he was.  I liked what the end of one our books said "Davy made sure that he knew what was right, and then went forward with all his might."  We made tin lanterns…Davy Crockett might have had tin lanterns…right?  4 hammers + 0 crying = success.  We used the homemade candles to light them, but they tipped over inside the can.  I should have gotten tea candles……We are now done with the frontier and now it's pioneer time!

For science, we had our final light lesson.  We talked about color/colour (sometimes I don't know if I should spell the US way or the Canadian way) We learned all about Rainbows (ROY G. BIV) and we used prisms and bubbles to see rainbows, we painted rainbows and we had fun under a black light.  Did you know that laundry detergent glows in black light?  My club now knows :)

For our field trip, we went to the planetarium.  Maxwell asked "What does tarium mean?" does it mean study? or learning?  Now I wonder… We saw a movie in the dome theater/theatre where the whole ceiling is a dome that projects.  Maxwell kept saying "are we moving?" It felt like it.  At one point, the movie said "even the iron in your blood is the same as the iron in the meteorites" and Maxwell turns and says excitedly, "Thats how Jesus made us! From things in the Universe!"  Oh he is wise, what can I say more.

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  1. You are doing great! Thanks for the updates. I must admit that I was most pleased with the picture of Christ overlooking the whole thing in one of your pictures. Keep up the good work.