Friday, March 4, 2011


This week we studied about the Oregon trail.  Am I the only one who always thinks of that old Atari computer game when ever the Oregon trail is mentioned? We talked about how Oregon had a lot of trees and good land that made people think they could have a better life there.  We made log cabins as our activity.  We made them out of huge pretzels and glue.  I saw Hyrum and Daniel eating them later….I hope the glue tasted good!

We also made faux beaver pelt hats.  I wasn't planning on it, but in every book, there was something about how the pioneers made money off of trapping beavers for top hats.  I couldn't pass up this opportunity for a cute project. The boys are still wearing them and are very proud of them.

We also made butter and jam (since that was what I DID plan.) We shook and shook whipping cream and blended and mushed strawberries, and we ended up with some delicious butter and jam sandwiches!

For science we began learning about electricity…I have to say, I personally had fun with these experiments.  We played with the static electricity of combs, and learned about insulators and conductors. We made a conductor tester with some wire, a battery, and a light bulb, and we tested different objects to see if electricity could go through them. Scissors, spoons, coins, and hole punchers work great…pens, jump ropes, and most toys…not so much.

For field trip, we went to the pioneer memorial museum of Utah.  Can we say nick-nacks!  Some museums need to realize that less is more.  It was not very kid friendly, but we did see a real beaver pelt top hat that belonged to non other then Brigham Young!

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