Sunday, March 20, 2011

There's GOLD in them there Hills!

This week was quite the week.  Of course one of the main things we studied was earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and Japan.  I didn't teach about radiation because frankly it was too stressful to talk to my kids about it.  Maxwell was fascinated and kept Japan in his prayers every night.

We continued to talk about the pioneers.  It was suggested in the Four Year Plan to make soap.  You should've used 13 cups of fat from meat drippings.  We don't really eat red meat in our house.  13 CUPS!  I guess I could have bought the fat.  I really should learn such a good and prudent skill, but the smell.....I bought a kit from Michaels....I'm a wimp.  We did make lots of fun soap though. Just not like the pioneers made soap.

We learned about California pioneers this week, namely the Gold Rush.  What a sad story!  Did you know, however, that Levi Strauss got his start by making sturdy pants for the gold miners from tent material?  Cool random fact.  We had a little gold rush of our own, and filled our tub to make a makeshift river to pan gold in.  It ended up to be really fun and the cleanup wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

For science we learned again about electricity.  We talked about open and closed circuits. We played a game were if your metal wand touched the metal loops, a light bulb would go off.  It was sort of like "Operation,"  What kid wouldn't love THAT experiment?

This week was of course St. Patrick's day, so we made Leprechaun traps.  Wow did they go to town with this!  It's fun to let kids loose with a basic idea and watch them as they create.  Maxwell was SOOOO sad that he didn't catch a Leprechaun, even though he did catch his gold chocolate coins.  He said "I need to change my design to make it more effective." and went to work with vigor to make a better Leprechaun trap, even though I told him that they wouldn't come again this year.

We had the most amazing field trip this week!  We went to the Thomas Jefferson Education Forum.  While our boys went off to their own classes, we learned all about how to be the best parents in the world!!! Or at least better then what we have been doing. It was great to discuss the true meaning of liberty, education, and parenting with such amazing people.  If you missed out, you can get a recording of everything at tjed marketplace.  I highly recommend it.

I'm off on vacation for a week or two...time for hands on learning!  :)  bye!

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