Tuesday, August 2, 2011


YIPPPPEEEE!!!!!  Hooray for Canada!!!

For some blessed reason, Canada has this wonderful belief that if you homeschool, you should get the money that the government would have spent on your child in the public school system.  This is great for me! (Maybe not so great for the public school system, but since there is not a huge number of homeschoolers, I'm sure they'll be just fine.)

I have been waiting and waiting and planning on this funding.  In Alberta, they don't give funding to kindergarteners because they say kindergarten is "optional." Well, Maxwell is going into FIRST GRADE this year (or Grade One....to be Canadianly correct)

I have had SOOOO much fun spending the governments money!!!

Let me just tell you the cool things I've gotten (well, they are cool to a nerdy homeschool mom)

A complete RightStart Mathematics set which includes books, an abacus, and TONS of manipulatives
A whole Language Arts Through Literature program which is my reading program that has a manual, activity book, little books for practicing, flash cards and games.
School supplies like markers, an ELECTRIC pencil sharpener, hole punchers, binders etc.
An ipod with speakers.
Ink for my printer.
And, over 50 HARDCOVER colourful, beautiful, and applicable BOOKS.  This is where I really splurged.  I could have just gone to the library for lots of the history I'm doing this year, but once I started buying books, I couldn't stop!  And besides, the Cardston library is sooo small.

I still have enough funding left over for about $10 a week on odd things I'll need.  I've already gotten a few things I'll need for our activities, like the weird things I knew I needed to get online like a paper making kit.

I might find that I regret spending the bulk of my money at the beginning, but I have be WAITING too long to have just sat on my funding.

Yipee yippe yippee.....I just hope the mail comes fast.  I hate waiting.

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  1. What?! How lucky are YOU! :) :) Wow...I really, really wish they'd do that here in the good ol' U.S.! Well...This is one reason I put together my own curriculum...It's much, much cheaper! I can't wait to hear about the History (?) books you bought (you will tell me what you bought, right?). I'm very interested!