Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My School Schedule

Alright Folks, I've got my schedule all ready to implement.  I do a lot of this schedule already, so I'm hoping I'm being realistic with my expectations for next year.  I did almost this same schedule last year and it worked, so we'll see.

Wake up by 8 am (I'm not a morning person)
Start breakfast at 8:30 while listening to Pimsleur (a spanish program for Dustin and I)
Mumma and Daddy do Family Fun and Finances (when Dustin and I plan his business day and the family rewards that happen when we reap the rewards)

Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Change Clothes
Chores (which is emptying the dishwasher for Maxwell, and putting the silverware away for Hyrum)
Math/Mumma cleans
Devotionals (song, prayer, calendar, memorize scripture, and a short lesson....mon. & thurs. is gospel principal, Tues. & Fri. is story from friend, and wen. is apostle biography)
Reading/Spanish (While one kid is doing one on one reading lesson with me, the other is doing spanish on the ipad)
Activity Time (We read about that history or science from classic picture books and library books.   Mon. & Tues: History, Wen: Science, Thurs: Preschool when Maxwell goes to his cousins and I do a special learning time with Hyrum and Daniel, Fri: Field trip)

*10:30 Snacks* (fruit and veggies)
12:30 Lunch
5:00 Drop EVERYTHING and make dinner (I have a hard time with this, thus the capitals.)

8 pm Prayer and Scriptures
Teeth, Personal Scriptures, books, & Personal Prayer


  1. Looks good to me and do-able, too! :) :) I hope your first day goes well! :)

  2. Lindy, all is well here in VA. It was a relatively small earthquake but surprised everyone here. No damage and no one hurt. Actually, I think there is more concern about the hurricane coming this way for the weekend. Glad you are gearing up for home school.