Thursday, September 1, 2011

History This semester

Yesterday was the first day of School for our town.  It was also the first cold day for a long time.  It seemed fitting.  I spent the day visiting and relaxing.  I've decided to start school on the first Monday of September. I know that day is a holiday, but since I have a husband that is his own boss, and I homeschool, silly holidays like labor day are meaningless to us.  So Monday it I ready?  I hope so.

I thought I would write down this semester's ancient history plan, because I'm so excited about it. (And if I loose my paper, I would like a backup of my plan.)  Note:  I will not follow this perfectly.

September we're studying:

ice age
cave men

September's activities:

creation collage (finding flashlights for light, leaves for plants, feathers for animals  etc...)
creation colouring pages and starting timeline
make fossil plaster blocks with dinos and things inside
make fossil casts
excavate fossil blocks
cave painting in huge box
spray tempra paint over hands and paint rocks

October we're studying:

Ancient Egypt

October's activities:

bas reliefs
crescent rolls and weaving baskets
sandpaper pyramids
king tut headdress
moses in the bulrushes and parting the red sea
make Jericho's wall with cups and go around with trumpets
Slingshots, star of David, and crowns

November we're studying:

Ancient India

November's activities:

pitas and turbans
make magic lamps
oral bard and toe puppets
make african masks
batik cloth
decorate masks
Draw silhouettes w/ many arms and paint it blue
Taj Mahal mosaics in clay

December we're studying:

Ancient China

December's activities:
(December is only three weeks...Christmas)

Make paper
lanterns/paper dragon puppets
potato stamps/calligraphy
Yoga/Martial arts
make fortune cookies

Doesn't this all sound so FUN!!!  We're doing all this, but that leaves the last half of the year for Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Medieval ages (complete with camelot!), and Renaissance.  YIPEE!  I love my job. :)

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