Friday, September 23, 2011

Dead Dinosaurs

We excavated our homemade dinosaur fossils.  Maxwell was very excited about this and kept yelling "Let's excavate!"  I don't think I learned the word "excavate" until Jr. High.  Hyrum had a different approach.  He would say "Help, I'm stuck!" in a little voice for the dinosaurs, and then say "I will help you!" in a deep voice at which point he would hammer them as hard as he could with his mallet.

Can you see our "sabre tooth" tiger we threw in there?

We acted out the extinction of the dinosaurs.  There are many theories (scientists sometimes crack me up on how sure they are about things that are so unsure.)  First we were mammals eating the dumb dinosaur's eggs (jelly bellies.) Then we acted out the dinosaurs all getting sick.  Then we hit them with a soccer ball meteorite.  And then the planet heated up, resulting in a lot of VOLCANOES!!!  (The volcano theory was the hit of the day.)

We had a P.E. day this week.  The homeschool organization threw a field day.  Maxwell tried hard, and in the end they gave the little kids lots of ribbons regardless of winning, which I liked.  He did get fourth in throwing frisbees.  Ultimate frisbee champion in the making!

 In devotionals we learned that Russell M. Nelson was a heart surgeon...

And for our field trip we went to the WEST EDMONTON MALL!!!  It used to be the biggest mall in the world.  Maxwell got picked during the sea lion show as the volunteer who threw the sea lions rings.

We went to everything (including the "largest indoor amusement park in the world") except their "largest indoor water park in the world."  We had tons of fun, and were all tuckered out by the end.

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  1. I envy your field trips!!! :) And your dinosaur excavating is so clever. Thanks for sharing your week!