Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hooray for Dick and Jane!

See Dick and Jane.
See Dick and Jane work.
See Dick and Jane work for Maxwell.

I can not tell you how wonderfully Dick and Jane has brought a breath of relief in our journey to learn to read.  YIPEE!  Maxwell has said things like "I think I'm good at this!"  "I love to read this." and I have caught him reading to his younger brothers without me throughout the week.  He has read over a HUNDRED pages just this week.

I KNOW all the warnings about Dick and Jane and "Why Johnny Can't Read." and so I have been drilling phonics still, but I noticed that Maxwell had an easier time reading sight words then he was sounding out words, even though he knows the phonics I've taught him backward and forward.  That's why I made the change, and I think excitement to read is more important then anything else.

Needless to say I have more Dick and Jane books coming in the mail...

So other then our Dick and Jane break through, not much happened this week.  I would like to blame this on all of us having chest colds, or blame it on how the public school kids were out for most of the week, or that I'm pregnant, but...well, really I just got caught up in reading a good book and I needed a break from feeling like I had to follow a schedule (even though I've given myself a very flexible schedule...)  But these are the couple things we did do:

Most of southern Alberta had a "family day" on monday, and the town of Cardston put on a cute carnival at the wagon museum.  There were lots of booths and we got to go through the museum for free.  The kids had a blast, and Daddy was able to share it with us :)

We also talked about how during the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ lived his life.  We went over any parts of his life that had to do with the Romans, and then we made sheep, because Jesus was the lamb of God.

I have to admit, Hyrum's sheep was my favourite:

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  1. Sounds like you've got a good thing going up there in Canada! :) :) I can't remember...Do you do your science and history as a co-op or on your own? You get so much done with those subjects!!