Sunday, April 8, 2012

Medieval times and a Passover

We didn't do "official" science this week, however we did practical science...I took Maxwell with us for my ultrasound :) It's a BOY!  again.

I was asking Maxwell all these questions about sound, echolocation, ultrasounds, and babies, and I was so impressed with everything he already knew!  I hardly had to review anything.

This month we are learning about the Medieval age.  We started by learning about the Catholic church and cathedrals.  We made stain glass windows as part of the lesson.

And of course, they started decorating eggs during the medieval times in the Ukrainian, and so what a perfect time to celebrate our heritage and Easter.  My Sister-in-law is really into Ukrainian family history, and learned how to make authentic Ukrainian eggs.  She was so sweat to show us how even though she did warn me that my kids were too young to really get fancy.

Yes they were too young, but I loved learning the real way.  You take a kistka and put beeswax in one end and heat it with a candle until you can write with the wax on the egg. You put the wax where ever you don't want the next colour to show.  You start with the lightest colour first, put on more wax, and move on to darker colours with black being last. We ended up pouring wax on the eggs because we got impatient, but it was fun anyway.

This year, since we are studying the Old Testament and Ancient History, I really wanted to do a passover, and The Four Year Plan has a fun LDS passover activity outlined and ready to go.  I convinced my sister-in-laws to get on board, and we followed the outline, and I think everyone learned a ton and had lots of fun.

Instead of having one big meal, we split into 5 groups and rotated from station to station.  One station taught about the wine and bitter herbs, one taught the plagues, one was the Matzoh, one was the Haroset, and one was the lamb and egg.

I thought it would be fun if we all dressed up like hebrews, but not all of us did, but those that did looked fabulous.

And of course, it was Easter, and there were Easter egg hunts and blue egg dyed hands galore.  :)

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