Monday, April 30, 2012

Robin Hood and being a little burnt out

Last week I felt a bit burnt out.  I know I had a lot going on, but in looking back, I can't remember any of it.  Perhaps I feel like last week I got burnt out because today was DEFINITELY "one of those days" if you know what I mean.  Not the best start to the week...that's for sure.

I think it's because I didn't eat well today.  Being pregnant, food and emotions go together hand in hand.

Anyway, moving past my pity party, let's review the successes of this week so I can feel like I did something of worth, because let's face it, that's what this blog is all about:  Recording the good parts so I don't get bogged down on the monotony and seemingly lack of accomplishment.

So for science last week we talked a lot about solutions.  We learned about diluted solutions and super-saturated solutions. We learned about how heat, stirring, and surface area effect how fast something becomes a solution.  I learned something too....did you know that with gas solutions, COLD helps a mixture stay a solution? (which is why we put soda pop in the fridge or it goes flat...we did that experiment and the kids LOVED drinking all the flat and fuzzy soda)

Here's the only picture I took that day though....two glasses of tea, one in hot water and one in cold. (solids obviously become solutions faster in heat.)

In the way of history, we learned about Robin Hood.  I couldn't find the picture books I had, so I had the kids retell me the cartoon version.  There was a lot of "and then the fox did this and the bear did that and then the snake...." oh well.

I bought 3 bow and arrow sets, thinking that the twins could share with my boys until they went home, and then my boys would each have their own....this was not a good assumption.

Isn't Hyrum cute?

And we also talked about the black death.  How could you do a Medieval course and not learn about the bubonic plague?  We had this rather gross but interesting book with lots of medieval paintings in it of the plague and medieval medicine.  We learned what "ring around the roses" REALLY means, and for our activity we made posies.

I had nephews over, and for some reason, they were Very interested in that book, but not at all interested in making posies....oh well :)

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