Sunday, June 3, 2012

Acids, Bases, and a Tempest

This week we continued our learning about acids and bases.  We tested them with different kinds of ph strip indicators and with red cabbage powder.  We even made our own indicator paper with turmeric spice which turned our fingers yellow.  I had no idea that bleach could not be tested for it's ph strength.  I just knew it was a powerful base.  I was surprised how it bleached the strips and paper...duh....I should have guessed.  Oh well.

We also continued to learn about Shakespeare.  This week we studied the Tempest.  We made puppets again, but this time they wanted to make whatever puppets they wanted instead of ones that went along with the tempest.  I didn't mind.

And that was about it.  Maxwell was gone for a few days with Daddy, but that didn't stop him from creating things.  He came back with these homemade flip flops that he made:

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