Friday, June 15, 2012

Yippee! The end of the school year!

Whew...we're done.  Done with Science, done with history, done with phonics, and done with Rightstart Math.  This is how we did our last two weeks:

For science last week we learned about making PH neutral.  We talked about neutralizing stomach acids, we talked about neutralizing chocolate, and we saw how much ammonia we needed to add to different acids before it became basic.

For our science class this week we just had a party which consisted of watching science videos and eating TONS of popcorn.

For history last week, we learned about Michelangelo and painted on our own "Sistine Chapel" ceiling.

This week we learned about Rembrandt and went into a dark room and shone a light on a vase.  I had already drawn an outline of the vase for the boys, and they just focused on drawing the shadows.  (Rembrandt was the master of light and shadow.) Maxwell was pretty excited that I let them use REAL charcoal. Oh, and we read this really cute book called "Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs" which is a cute true story about Rembrandt's son.  It was cuter before we read a different book and found out his son died quite young.

And of course, it was Hyrum's birthday, which was our start-of-summer party as well.

Okay, let me reflect on this year a bit:

History went really well.  I think they learned a lot and had fun.  I know I learned tons myself.

Science was too advanced for Maxwell as a whole, but was still a good experience.  In the future I think I won't do chemistry the entire year again because looking at next year (biology) I'm thinking it would have been better to spread biology out longer and cut back on chemistry.  There's just too many fun things to learn with biology, and I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of chemistry to fit it all in.

Devotionals went well, but I think I want to do a scripture story day of the week next year, since this year we just did gospel doctrines, stories from the Friend, and learning about the Apostle's lives.  That ended up being fine since so often in history we talked about the Old Testament, but I don't see modern history and the New testament going together as smoothly.  Of course, we read scripture stories every night, but I'm thinking making it special somehow for devotionals.

Reading.  I've discovered Maxwell is an auditory learner, and although his reading comprehension (when being read to) is off the charts incredible (this week he listened to "Island of the Blue Dolphins"...a book usually meant for 11 year olds, and we had good talks about what happened and the lessons in the book), it's hard for him to actually read off the page.  I don't know how effective the phonics I taught him have been.  I personally have come to really dislike the english language phonics.  It makes no sense.

Writing.  Well, after my discovery that writing has to actually be taught, Maxwell can now write capitals very neat and clean.  Yes we are behind majorly.  Yes we will catch up.

Math is of course wonderful.  Yippee I have a child who understands math!

So that's that.  For summer, we will be catching up with writing, reading Dick and Jane books, and doing bits and pieces of math worksheets.  Oh, and of course devotionals.

Woohoo!  One more year done! Now that it's summer, this blog will be for my opinions about homeschooling and anything else that I want to ramble on about :)

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