Saturday, September 1, 2012

History Plans for next Semester

Like I've mentioned, this year we'll be studying Modern World History which will cover 1700-present worldwide and 1870s-present for the US (We do an entire year for US history up to post civil war).  Sadly, I was a bit disappointed with the Four Year Plan for history this year.  She hardly gave any activity ideas, and she didn't cover everything I think should be covered, so I had to come up with my own plan:

Pirates-----------------------dress up
                                       Treasure hunt
Voltair/Locke--------------game where you can't say certain words without going to "jail"
Isaac Newton--------------physic experiments
Marie Antoinette----------make cake and powder faces
French Revolution--------eat french food
Napoleon-------------------three cornered hats
Les Miserable Revolution-make barricades and "fight"

Industrial Rev/Steam engine-homemade steam boat
Trains-----------------------train obstacle course
child labor-----------------act out working in a mine
Jane Austin----------------silhouettes
Telegraph------------------morse code kit
camera----------------------UV paper
Florence Nightingale----toy doctor kits
Victoria--------------------Decoupage box using victorian pictures
Charles Dickens---------decoupage book with character descriptions in it

Impressionists------------paint with pointillism or divisionism
Alexander Bell-----------cup telephones
Edison---------------------experiments with lightbulbs
Tesla-----------------------plasma ball
Immigrants----------------statue of liberty crowns
                                     act out ellis Island
Carnegie/Rockefeller---play monopoly
Inventors------------------make inventions out of junk

Write brothers-----------paper plane book I have
Henry Ford--------------Car cookie assembly line
Teddy Roosevelt-------teddy grahams and ?
WWI----------------------ummm urg play with barbed wire? jk (ideas wanted)
Charles Lindbergh-----balsa wood planes with rubber band propellers
Amelia Earhart----------blindfold and try to find island to refuel

Ya, I need some tweeking with these ideas.  Any suggestions are welcome!

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