Sunday, January 6, 2013

Next semester's history

DONE!  They might look like silly activities, but it's taken a lot of brain Power and research to finally plan history for the rest of the year.  I feel much better about life knowing what I'm doing.  "Four Year Plan" didn't give me any ideas for subjects or activities this semester.  Oh well.  No curriculum is perfect I guess.


*movies------make a stop animation movie
*prohibition-------make root beer
*Gandhi---------get the salt out of salt water
*Gandhi----------make own clothes
*women's vote-------make picket signs
*great depression--------hobo signs
*new deal-------------make dam
*german currency--------act out inflation


*wwii--------gas masks
*hollocaust-------make star of david monument
*Einstein------dress up like him
*Einstein--------balls on trampoline to show bending of light
*war at home/women working----make star flags for windows
*atomic bomb-------army men
*zionist conference--------make israel flag


*penicillin-----------make fake antibiotics from sugar and gel capsules
*cold war-------evacuation backpack
*cuban missile Crisis-------play with submarines
*JFK--------------flower funeral wreath
*Plastic------------p 40 of How science works
*McDonald's-------go to McDonalds
*preservatives-------make a home made happy meal and compare
*Vaccines----------take them with me to Williams


*integration---------different colored paper hands with earth
*rosa Parks--------dove of peace with rainbow of fingerprints
*Martin Luther King-------dream cloud "I have a dream" with little clouds with plan of better world
*Vietnam---------ty dye shirts
*Space race---------make space ship toothpicks and marshmallows
*Space race----------astronaut helmet
*Chernobyl----------make 3 eyed fish etc out of clay
*women's movement-------make pendulum of women's struggles
*changes in agriculture-------make paper garden on wall and change it


*Mandela----------people chain of white and black intermingled
*berlin wall----------wall of boxes separating family in house
*Tian'anmen Square--------act out?
*gulf war-------------burn some oil (outside)
*computers---------make a computer out of boxes etc
*information age---info hunt= first going around house to finding info, then just by asking google mama. (time them)
*twin towers-----send up helium hope balloons
*pollution------mini pond pollutant and candle going out without oxygen
*green revolution----solar toy kit

Also, I am doing a bit of preschool at our co-op and all my ideas will probably come from my new favourite craft website.

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  1. you are so AMAZING!!!!! I love reading your blog, it is so over-whelming but so enlightening and refreshing and amazing!!!!! your kids are so blessed to have you as their teacher and mother!!!!