Saturday, January 5, 2013

Worms, WWI, and Christmas break

For science we continued to learn about invertebrates.  We dissected a crawfish, sang bug songs, and played with worms.  A Lot of worms.  One week for bugs and worms?!? well, it seems that every summer we have an impromptu bug unit, so my kids are not deprived.

For history we learned about Teddy Roosevelt.  We ate Teddy Grahams to celebrate.  We were going to make locks, but I petered out.  We did make locks at the Vancouver Science Centre when we went there, and that was sufficient in my book.

We also learned about WWI.  So sad.  Uggg war.  Two great books were "The best Christmas present in the World." by Morpurgo (which made me bawl.) and "A Poppy is to Remember." by Patterson.  It seemed like most WWI books were Christmas books as well, which was perfect timing.  We made poppies to remember:

War is so horrible.  We listened to the entire "Children of the Promise" series on our vacation.  It's about a LDS family during WWII.  So so sad.  Not too enthusiastic about teaching about war.

Anyways, it was Christmas as well, and we had fun going to the coast for TWO weddings in the same family!!! (glad I wasn't the mom!) What a beautiful experience to cherish.  Two temple weddings at the same time.  Two virtuous honourable young couples who have such a bright future before them.  Two HOMESCHOOL success stories.

And of course, it was Santa and the Wise Men time:

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