Monday, April 27, 2015

School at the Beach and a Pirate Birthday

For science this week we learned about light. When I taught this lesson four years ago, my class got really confused. I was not going to let that happen this time. We talked about how cameras work, because it has everything to do with light.

I had to use a multimedia presentation to help me explain, and I was pretty miffed that I couldn't get my hands on any UV paper to help my explanation. I HAVE UV paper, but it's in my storage in Cardston. Whatever, anyway, its kind of funny that kids find it hard to wrap their minds around cameras with film that needs to be processed. Yes it's a digital age.

We also played with lenses and one of my nephews burned his name into a paper plate with a lens.

This week we've had some beautiful weather, and I knew that if I waited until school was over, we would never get to the beach, so we stuck our school in the stroller, and headed off. The boys had some trouble concentrating, but I think it was a good experience over all, and I think we will be repeating it on sunny days.

Maxwell has saved up money that he's gotten from reading his books and bought an aquarium for the crabs that they are going to rotate capture and release. Little crabs.

Maxwell has decided that he wanted to record his reading. He loves nothing more than to listen to audio books, so he wanted to make his own. He records it and than he listens to it. It's super cute, and he doesn't want me around, because I make too much noise, so I get cleaning or whatever done, and I KNOW he's getting his reading in! Plus plus!!!

Here's a quick sample:

Also, it was Daniel's birthday and we had a pirate party for him. He's SIX!!! Yes, he will be a homeschooler for real next year. (Alberta doesn't count kindergarten as homeschooling.)

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