Monday, May 4, 2015


Well, looks like we are only here for one more month. Whimper. Love it here. Love Cardston too though.

For science we learned about rainbows. We got out prisms and lasers and light refracting glasses, and all the kids had a blast. A definite success. I remember 4 years ago. It was a discipline nightmare. Maybe I'm learning...maybe not. But it was a good day.

I will miss the beauty. I took this rainbow a block away from where I live:

And I am finally done with Maxwell's youtube video of Barton Book four helps:

and DANIEL IS DONE WITH MATH!!! for the year. and you know what? He has passed off every FIRST GRADE math requirement!!! WHoo hoo! go us! Kindergarten super boy.

Now to focus more on reading with Daniel. Barton here we come!

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