Monday, May 11, 2015

Adventures and Electricity

We had mother's day this week. I love being the mother of this family:

Yep. all those cute boys spoil me...although today I woke up to throw up and poo, but you know.....

We went to Saltspring this week, which is where Maxwell was born. He was born on Mt. Maxwell, but we didn't realize that when we named him Maxwell.

Also, knowing we are leaving in a few weeks has made us realize we need to take advantage of this awesome place. We went to a koi fish farm the other day. Hands on learning. It had a tank that had over $250,000.00 worth of koi in it! Soooo amazing and beautiful.

So, Daniel-I've barely started doing Barton Reading and Spelling with him. Not sure if he's dyslexic, but teaching him as if he was won't hurt him. I have to say, I have some anxiety about teaching reading to my kids because of my previous experiences, so I've delayed. I have taught him the names of the letters and their sounds, but I haven't even reviewed that forever.

I've just been doing math and handwriting. We're done with math, and his handwriting is very good for a kindergartener. He LOVES to change MY handwriting so it looks worse than his, especially the "m"s. I usually write his journal right above where he's suppose to write. Maybe I should do mine in PEN.

Here's a perfect example. See how he changed my "M" so it is sloppy so it can "hold garbage?" Yep. That little stinker.

And for science we started learning about electricity. We had an awesome time with static electricity and seeing what could conduct electricity, but yet AGAIN I couldn't get any home made batteries to work!!! ugg. I'm just need to work at this more. I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I bought old real copper pennies, I bought lots of different kinds of metals, I bought a kit for heaven's sake!! My kit broke (I've only used it once) and nothing else worked. Maybe the LED lights that I JUST BOUGHT are not right. I don't know, but I'm not giving up.

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