Friday, October 8, 2010

Becoming History

This week I decided to continue with the Native theme even though it's October because Maxwell is still having so much fun learning about them still.  We made Kachina dolls and clay pots and had fun with clay.  This was right down Maxwell's alley.

The next day, we made Native costumes.  I use "we" loosely.  Maxwell said "wow mumma....this is YOUR activity, isn't it...."  I guess I kind of took over, but they ended up cute.  And what's a native without his cowboy?

For science we learned about pressure, namely air and water pressure.  Balloons, straws, and vacuums....need I say more?

For our field trip we went to Leo's...a place like Chucky Cheeses....with my boys' cousins.  Wow that place can be a parent's worst nightmare yet a child's fondest dream.  I felt like I couldn't keep track of my boys but they always had smiles when I found them. Doesn't Hyrum look like he is so serious about riding his motorcycle?  Oh he makes me laugh.

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