Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pilgrim's progress

This week we studied pilgrims and painted pumpkins (that the natives gave the pilgrims) and we painted our own Plymouth rocks.  We also made little colonist houses complete with thatched roofs.  Maxwell loves projects and would have me do them all day long if he could.  I feel like I need to spread out my creativity and energy so I'm not always obliging.  Maxwell then does things on his own. His favorite thing to do as of late is to make an elevator that he has Hyrum fill with odds and ends and then Maxwell hoists it up to the landing of the upstairs.

For science, we learned about Newton's 3rd law: action and reaction.  We made rockets out of milk jugs, rockets out of balloons, pushed people on skateboards, and made little paddle boats.   I think this was one of the easiest concepts to get through to kids yet.
For our field trip we went to a pumpkin patch, but it was a failure.  Although some cute pictures were taken, it was cold and uneventful.  So we went swimming (no pictures) the next day, and then of course it was Halloween too, so I'm sure there was enough going on to count something as a field trip :) Besides, next week we are off to Boise at least,  so field trips might be the only thing we accomplish next week!

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