Friday, October 22, 2010

Jamestown and real results

This week was great.  Maxwell is so wonderful to teach because he loves to learn.  We learned about Jamestown (which was NOT the first colony as a true North Carolina lover will tell you) but was the first one that was successful, and we had fun making the ships that sailed to Virginia and candle holders (my sons LOVE fire, the little pyros.) But Maxwell kept on insisting that the biggest ship was the Santa Maria still....oh well.

For science we learned about inertia, and it really sunk in for Maxwell.  At dinner that night, he observed "Hey Mumma!  My bean rolled down my chip and wanted to keep on going!"  Now that's what I call real life application :) We had a tower with an egg at the top and hit the things under the egg so the egg would land in the cup of water showing how the egg doesn't actually want to go anywhere, and we made a car wreck where our little clay people fall off because of inertia, and among other things, we had a clamp fire off two markers to go from one state of inertia to another.

What I thought was great, is that we started BOB books, and Maxwell read his first book!  I was going to put up a movie I made about it, but it never worked....oh well

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