Monday, January 30, 2012

Greek Theatre and Magic Iodine

Okay people out there, I'm pregnant, and pregnancy and homeschool means a major slow down on everything.  But I'm not actually that bad, and I usually do accomplish the overall scope of what I would like to....but slowly.

This week we finished up our Ancient Greece unit.  We talked about how the Greeks loved theatre and were the first civilization to really effect our theatre culture.  We made a puppet theatre by sewing a curtain and hanging it with a shower curtain rod.  (Not as fantastic as I had example of a pregnancy slow down.)  We made Greek theatre masks and acted out the story of Hades and Persephone.

We also talked about Alexander the Great's library, and went to the library ourselves....although this wasn't too special since we go to the library all the time...oh well.

For science we continued to learn about chemical reactions and showed how iodine reacts to things.  We showed how iodine reacts to starch, so you can test if foods have starch in them.

See how the cheese and sugar have red and the rest are dark blue?....It worked!

We also made secret messages by writing in lemon juice and then revealing the messages in iodine water.  They thought this was pretty nifty.

I love it when experiments actually work.

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